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Loading Dock Equipment

Carolina Dock Equipment and established manufacturer and distributor of loading dock products. We provide loading dock equipment at competitive prices. Our equipment includes seals, shelters, lifts, levelers and other loading dock products. We have years of experience that have allowed us to excel in the industry.

Loading Dock Bumpers

Our bumpers have a wide range of applications for factories, warehouses and docks. They are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. The dura-soft loading dock bumper has a patented loop design and steel face to provide the ultimate protection. Extra length laminated bumpers cover up to ten feet and can be used with dock seals. Extra thick laminated bumpers are available and are ideal for docks with a greater "stand out" distance.
loading dock bumpers
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Loading Dock Levelers

Warehouses need smooth surface transitions. Our loading dock levelers provide exactly that. They are available with a wide range of options. They can be hydraulic powered or air powered.

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loading dock leveler

Loading Dock Seals

This is one of our specialty products. Loading dock seals are designed to create a barrier between the outside environment and the inside work area. Our seals offer temperature control and safety to the loading dock environment. They protect workers from the rain and snow and also function as security to keep your merchandise safe.
loading dock seals

Loading Dock Shelter

Our loading dock shelters allow full access to the rear of trailers for loading and unloading. The raked cut header allows for water runoff. The side and top curtain wipers action allows for full access to the rear of the truck.
loading dock shelter
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